Welcome to Biltong!

Original Biltong is our latest creation, consisting of soft, cured and air-dried strips of quality Aussie steak – and better yet, it is packed with more than 40% natural protein that consumers have come to expect!
Jerky vs Biltong?

The difference between them is that biltong is cured and then air-dried, while beef jerky is cut into strips, marinated and cooked. Which tastes better? Try them both and you decide.

Flavours used in the preparation process differentiate the two as well. Both types of meat are seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. However, because biltong is air dried

(over days), the recipe typically incorporates vinegar. The vinegar is a preserving agent, much like the oven drying process does for jerky (hours), and lends a unique flavour to the meat when dried.

Go on and treat yourself with the new Local Legends Biltong