Jade & Josh Chislett

Jade & Josh Chislett welcomed their beautiful baby girl in 2012, like every new parent they were absolutely besotted with their daughter. Isabella received her first cochlear implant at just 9 months old after being born with bilateral congenital hearing loss & as all parents do, they encouraged Isabella to be all that she could, to achieve & to have fun!

Seeing Isabella trying to fit one of her cochlear implants onto her dolls, Jade decided to find a doll that looked just like Isabella!

After a long 2 year search, the realisation that there were no dolls like Isabella & the positive benefits of having a doll she could relate to came the idea of ‘Just Like You Dolls’….& they decided to make their own…Cochlear Implant & all!

Today they have expanded to dolls with glasses for children with vision loss, PEG tubes, Cerebral Palsy walkers & Stoma’s & bags.

Confidence, Inclusion, Education & Empowerment are what Jade & Josh are delivering to young children all over the world. It doesn’t just help the children like Isabella but helps other children learn about diversity & that being different isn’t a bad thing!

We think anybody doing something to promote self-confidence & acceptance in children are absolute LEGENDS!!!

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