Desiree McDonald

Desiree McDonald always knew she wanted to make a difference! Desiree had experienced firsthand the increased ‘need for inclusion’ watching her daughter growing up with cerebral palsy. Seeing firsthand the feeling of not belonging.

It made Desiree determined to take action as opposed to sweeping their needs under the carpet which is so often the case.

Desiree was working as a mobile hairdresser & decided to open her own salon which catered for those with special needs, not just those with disabilities but also treatment of cancer patients which had lost their hair through treatment & also Muslim women who are not able to remove their headscarf in public.

‘Shear Abilities’ was opened in Maitland in NSW in 2017 & hasn’t looked back! The salon has a sensory room for children who are on the spectrum or who suffer anxiety. There is a specially designed chair & basin for those who are in wheelchairs and other needs

Desiree says that opening ‘Shear Abilities’ has really created a happy space for her clients as they feel like they have a sense of belonging, shear abilities brand is getting more awareness through word of mouth, social media and its showing the community that the services are needed. We just need people that have a disability to use our services as well, because the salon is for everyone and changing people’s mindsets has been hard

An innovative business designed not only to help, but to support locals within the community. To increase awareness & put a smile on the faces of her customers & their families.

If you’d like more information on Shear Abilities please check out their Facebook page Shear Abilities hair salon.

Desiree…..we think you’re an outright LEGEND!

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