Ben Tullipan

Ben Tullipan, a man who, in 2002 was going about his usual business trip as he had done so many times before. This however turned out to be a business trip that would change his life forever, not only bringing many new challenges…but along with it, many new victories!

Ben was so badly injured in the 2002 Bali bombings that medical staff initially thought he had been killed & was placed in the corner of the hospital with a sheet over is body. He was the closest person to the one-tonne car bomb when it exploded. His injuries were horrific & it was almost unimaginable that he would survive…he lost both of his legs, the majority of his stomach muscles were also gone, shrapnel riddled his body, he lost his hearing in his left ear & had full thickness burns to more than 63% of his body.

Another Aussie saw the sheet over his face move & quickly called for assistance. Ben spent months in a coma & was given only a 5% chance of survival.

Ben, who left hospital in a wheelchair, was determined to walk again, he undertook his initial rehabilitation in hospital where they would throw a balloon at him to attempt to help him balance. When he left hospital nearly one year later, he went to a prosthetic clinic where he started the long, painful and difficult task of learning to walk on 2 prosthetic legs with the aid of crutches, then eventually down to 1 walking stick until he gained enough strength and confidence to walk on his own. Even today, Ben still has weekly dermabrasion treatments on his skin grafts to prevent the skin from becoming tight and sore.

By the time 2007 ticked over he included golf in his rehabilitation & it’s something that he has come to have a clear passion for. He has now taken on the role of mentoring others with disabilities on the golfing scene by running disability golf clinics & increasing the awareness of the game!

Ben has said of his new found role “When you live with a Disability it doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying life or sit at home wallowing in self-pity. I found that the Sport of Golf has been a life changer for me, not only for my own rehabilitation but for my recreation as well. My passion is getting less able Australians active through Golf and I hope that I inspire them to realise that their life is worth living regardless of challenges and obstacles”.

Ben has shown courage in the face of much adversity, he has shown that when you have commitment, tenacity & bravery…anything is achievable….& that…is without doubt, the stuff legends are made of!

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