New look, same flavoursome jerky…

Haven’t you heard? Local Legends Jerky has a brand new look! Don’t worry, we’re still offering the same, protein-packed and flavoursome jerky as before, but now our tasty jerky comes in slick new packaging that you just won’t miss!
So why the reason for the change? It’s simple! We wanted our new packaging to be bright and full of zest – just like the everyday legends that we love and support. With beef jerky flavours that stand out in orange, green and blue packaging, as well as pork jerky that really pops in pink, Local Legends Jerky is bound to catch your eye next time you’re in the snack aisle.
So things may have changed, but they’ve changed for the better! We hope you’ll keep lovin’ our tasty jerky, we know we do!
You can find our good-tasting (and good-looking) jerky at Coles, Woolworths, IGA and select convenience stores nationwide.
Enjoy snackin’!