Hamboards: A Skater’s and Surfer’s Paradise

Ever found yourself keen for a surf only to find there’s no swell? Grab yourself your favourite packet of Local Legends Jerky and a Hamboard and hit the pavement instead!
These skateboard-cross-surfboards originate from the golden coast (no we’re not talking about the GC!) in Huntington Beach, California, where a family of 7 surfers wanted to create a fun skateboard to ride when the surf is flat. Did someone say legends!?
The Hamborgs (get it?!) designed the board in their family home and eight years later, surfers and skaters alike are cruising the streets on their surfboard-made-for-land.  
Not only does the Hamboard give the illusion of riding a wave, it is the perfect excuse to stretch your legs and make the most of the sunshine!   
So next time you catch yourself California Dreamin’, gather your mates and switch the surfboard for a Hamboard – you’re guaranteed a good time!
And if you work up a sweat, don’t forget to grab some more Local Legends Jerky to get that much-needed protein hit!
Til next time, Legends.       

Photo courtesy of Ibberson Visuals.