We use only the finest cuts of premium Australian export quality beef and pork, hand cut to ensure the right thickness and further enhancing the authentic meaty flavour. And so the legend begins…


Local Legends is the Jerky and Biltong eaten by everyday people. Everyday people with a difference –
they’re legends. Why are they Legends… It’s thinking different. It’s understanding. It’s grabbing a snack that’s full or protein, rather than one oozing with fat. It’s grabbing water rather than a sugar-laden fizzy. It’s taking care with what you put in because you know what you need to fuel your machine.

Your time is now, become a legend and join us. Discover the flavour of Local Legends today.


We’ve made our snacks with the best we can give. Compact enough to sit coolly on your desk and just as portable to slide back into your bag for a subtle snack on the go. For every roving traveler, paper-pusher and iron-pumper; little tykes, and grown-ups. For every other legend that knows what’s good for ‘em and won’t compromise on the flavour of their favourite nosh – this one’s for you. Snack well, snack proudly. Power on with Local Legends.